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Would anyone like an updated blinkie? Print Version

rudolphia 12-08-10 07:54 PM

Would anyone like an updated blinkie?
Now that we're a combined toddler board (and the toddlers are almost a year older), we should probably get a new blinkie together to include everyone who wants to participate. If you'd like to join in, please post a recent picture of your toddler along with his/her birthday and name, below.

Oh, and Brandi, could you unstick the old blinkie thread and stick this one?

lauralkemp 12-08-10 10:50 PM

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rudolphia 12-08-10 11:21 PM

Wow, Laura! I don't think I've seen a recent pic of him. He's a big boy, and such a cutie :luvsmile:

lynn012 12-08-10 11:52 PM

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rudolphia 12-11-10 08:03 PM

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