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So not fair!! Print Version

lauralkemp 01-31-11 11:49 AM

So not fair!!
Joseph's birthday is Thursday. We are taking him to the zoo. We are meeting his buddy and his mommy from church too. It's supposed to be a REALLY nice zoo. Betty White is one of the major fundraisers/sponsers of it. I haven't been to it either so was looking forward to it too. Now I heard the forcast for Thursday and 49 is the high

I know this sounds incredibly nice and warm to everybody back east but we've been having 70-75 highs all month. So I think it's really not fair for the first very cool day in awhile to be the day we are going to be outside.
I know I sound spoiiled..BUT I AM !:lol:
I guess what concerns me is that it wil be too cool for the animals to want to be out and about. I'd hate to go and not see hardly any activity. plus we will feel like husseling the kids through instead of letting them linger.

2babygirls 01-31-11 12:20 PM

Actually a lot of the animals are more active when its cooler so you may see some you wouldn't normally see moving around.

And I'd be complaining too! 49 sucks!

teddybear1082 01-31-11 12:31 PM

Hopefully Sharyn is right and the animals will cooperate for you. Happy Birthday Joseph!

brandimichelle 01-31-11 01:58 PM

49 is a heatwave! :lol:

Hopefully it'll be warmer for you.... Happy Birthday joseph!

KJCsabre 01-31-11 02:27 PM

Just lurking here but I wanted to tell you that we were just at the zoo here in WI and the high that day was approximately 30* - and actually most of the animals were still out and moving around with the exception of the bears who were hibernating.

Hope its a great day & Happy Birthday to Joseph!