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MrsS1stbaby 02-08-11 01:09 PM

Planning on switching daycare
I had been thinking about switching for awhile b/c when the new baby comes, Kendall will probably start going full time and I need somewhere I like more than the place she is at now if she is going to going to full time...and someplace a little less expensive! But now I am thinking of switching very soon, instead of waiting until closer to my due date. Here's why:

Kendall was being her usual stubborn self the other night & I was trying to correct & get her to behave when she told me I was getting on her nerves. ???? What the heck? I asked where she learned this new phrase and she said 'Miss Kerrie" - her daycare teacher! I have no idea if she said this to a child, on the phone, or a co-worker.....but it is just another small thing that irked me, but the list of small things is getting too long!

Kendall does seem to like her teacher and some of the other kids in her class- will she be terribly upset when I make the switch? How can I ease her into the new place? (when I finally pick one!)

Oreo 02-08-11 08:22 PM

Switching is hard, but can be a great experience if you get a good switch.

I think those little things irking you are signals that shouldn't be ignored.

My suggestion for the switch is to really talk up the new place and visit it so she can get excited about it. and, whatever you do, don't bad talk where she's at in front of her.

Good Luck!

lauralkemp 02-08-11 10:31 PM

I love Sarah's suggestions about making it sound exciting. Also I'd see if I could take her on a tour of the new place and have her meet her teacher and maybesome classmates. Also do you know some mommies at work(or DH's work) that could make recommendations. What about a church friend?