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3Princes 02-08-11 09:21 PM

So, after Brady's tumble down the basement stairs a couple weeks ago, I thought the "action" was over for awhile. It wasn't.
2nights ago, Brady learned how to climb the stairs by himself! :faint: So now we have the gate at the bottom of the stairs and at the top. I just wonder how long it will take for him to learn how to remove it. :hmmm:

momofthreeboyz 02-08-11 10:03 PM

gates are very good

lauralkemp 02-08-11 10:36 PM

Joseph can open the gate to the Kitchen, especially when he leans on it or the bottom is not latched all the way. He's 2. We went to a house with stairs today and he climbed up them no problem and came down them on his bottom.

Gates are very good.

MrsS1stbaby 02-08-11 11:20 PM

Thankfully we haven't had to use any gates since we don't have stairs. But we used them when we 1st got our dog, pre-kids. ....and that is no help to you, lol.

When my nephew was put in a big boy bed, they put a gate at his door so he couldn't wander around the house at night, but he would try to climb it or stand there a scream to be let out. He was older then Brady though at the time. Eventually they just propped the gate up & whenever he would escape, which really wasn't until 6am and they were not ready to get up, it would fall & they would hear and prepared when he came into their room, lol!

Dopey406 02-08-11 11:51 PM

We just took off our gate at the bottom of our stairs. Since Alex's gross motor skills are so delayed, we don't have to worry about him "walking" up the stairs alone. He knows how to crawl up and down the stairs pretty safely now.

Here's to hoping we don't have to install a chair lift on our staircase. :no: