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3 year well check Print Version

brandimichelle 02-16-11 01:36 PM

3 year well check
I took Avery for her 3 year well check today.

She is 35lbs which is <50th percentile.
She is 39.5 inches tall which is >90th percentile.

Tall and skinny!

No concerns. He wasn't even concerned about her not being potty trained... he said she'll get it and actually told me to lay off of it and quit talking about it for awhile.

My big gripe is... they are more than obsessed about milk. Avery honestly and truly doesn't like milk. Mike and I don't drink milk either, it's GROSS! I really don't think she likes it. We've tried going all day and offering her nothing but milk and she would rather just not drink all day long. He hounded me and hounded me that she had to drink milk and when she goes to school that is all that will be offered to her... yadda yadda. I'm not stupid, I know milk is important. However, she doesn't like it and I'm not forcing her to drink it. She eats lots of cheese and yogurt and yogurt drinks... this is an ever visit type of thing... Blah!

How big were your little ones at 3 years?

rudolphia 02-16-11 02:20 PM

You can't force her to drink what she doesn't want to drink, so I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep offering her other drinks that contain milk, and she'll be fine. Have you tried chocolate milk? I'm pretty sure they offer that at school in addition to plain milk. (Personally I can't relate to the thought that milk is gross. I still drink 2-4 cups a day and used to drink a half-gallon a day as a kid).

Mark was 33 lb. and 38 inches at age 3. Lukas hasn't had his official age 3 checkup yet (it's scheduled for next Wednesday), but the last time we were in, he was 35 lb. We weren't able to get a good height due to his lack of cooperation, but I think he's around 39 inches.

lauralkemp 02-16-11 05:03 PM

My MIL was a caferteria manager before she retired 3 years ago. She said that the elementary schools offered juice, chocolate milk, sports drinks, and water so she'll have choices I'm sure.