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Tracey and Neil 02-21-11 05:40 PM

Just popping in to say hello!...
I don't know if any of you remember me? I've been away for a little while, but have found some time to pop back and see how you all are.

How is everyone? What's your latest?

rudolphia 02-21-11 07:38 PM

Hey, Tracey! Tell us how Kara is doing!

MrsS1stbaby 02-21-11 09:15 PM

Hi Tracey- Wow, Kara has gotten so big and I can really see both of you in her lil face~

I am taking it day by day with parenting an independent & stubborn 2.5 year old and am about 25-26 weeks pregnant with her baby brother! Some days we wonder what on earth are getting ourselves into, lol.

Oreo 02-21-11 11:06 PM

Hello Tracey!!!!

So glad to see you popped in here!!!
Hope all is well with you, Neil and Kara!

All is well (although very snowy) here!


savannah33 02-22-11 07:37 AM

:wave: Good to see you Tracey!

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