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New diagnostic path? (Kinda long) Print Version

3Princes 02-27-11 10:47 PM

Sounds like you're getting closer to a correct diagnosis. Glad to hear that you're treating it already, even though they aren't sure just yet.

Sounds like you do have a good neurologist-- best of luck in getting it all sorted out asap!

teddybear1082 02-28-11 07:37 AM

Glad to hear you have some empirical proof and that you are closer to a final diagnosis. Sounds like your neurologist is doing a really good job of staying on top of the literature and keeping you as informed as possible. Many positive thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your family as you continue to go through all the hurdles you are faced with.

savannah33 02-28-11 07:57 AM

Impressive that the Dr called himself and is doing such a great job on finding out the problem and researching it too. :bighug: I hope that you have some answers soon.

Chickie 02-28-11 08:18 AM

That certainly is a lot to take in for you and your family. Seems like you have a very good doctor on your side. I am sure that the unknown is very scary for all of you. :bighug:

MrsPook 02-28-11 10:49 AM

Thinking of you! :hug: