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Don't wanna jinx it, but I think she is on her way to being potty trained!! Print Version

MrsS1stbaby 02-28-11 11:57 AM

Don't wanna jinx it, but I think she is on her way to being potty trained!!
With my due date coming up quickly and most of Kendall's playmates (her age & younger) being PT, we have really been trying to get her going as well & to WANT to. Well, by golly, I think she is getting the hang of it!

All week I have been putting her underwear when we get home from daycare/grandparents house. (which gma said she has also gone a few times for them) She has not had an accident in the underwear and will tell us she has to go. Granted, she will go about 3x in 20 minutes, but my friend assured me this is how it starts! Still no poo yet; she saves that for a diaper, lol.

This weekend she went several times at home AND has gone in public restrooms!!!!! Twice at Chick-fila, once in Home Depot, twice at a diner for breakfast, and then last night her DAD took her to the men's room at a fastfood place & she went!!!

Next time I am in Target or WalMart I think we need to pick up some more underwear as a reward- she's obessed with Mickey Mouse right now, so I think I may have to get some boy underwear, lol.

rudolphia 02-28-11 01:52 PM

Great job! Would she go for Minnie?


teddybear1082 02-28-11 01:58 PM

Awesome! Erin definitely has a thing for public restrooms as well. But I say-whatever works for you! I have also seen the minnie ones in kohls if that helps.

MrsS1stbaby 02-28-11 02:33 PM

She actually has Minnie ones and is always asking/looking for Mickey, lol!

brandimichelle 02-28-11 03:05 PM

I bought Avery Diego boy's underwear trying to bribe her to sit on the potty and she loves them... granted she doesn't love to pee or poop on the potty... I am about to go crazy...

Way to go Kendall!!!