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I hope he doesn't have another ear infection! Print Version

teddybear1082 03-02-11 08:26 PM

I hope he doesn't have another ear infection!
Ds was rechecked last Tuesday for his last ear infection and was all clear. He had the start of a cold, but was fine otherwise. Suddenly today his congestion is much worse and he was super clingy. Then this evening he was running 101.8! I happened to speak to he doc on the phone about something with dd and mentioned it to her. So we are going in tomorrow. Does anyone else live at the peds office? I was there yesterday with dd too. Ugh- wish us luck.
The ped originally said to wait until winter was over to revisit the ent conversation, but I am getting impatient- winter is over in 3 weeks- right?

3Princes 03-02-11 10:08 PM

Since I don;t think you'll mind-- I'm going to feel free to comment, then hijack. :rotfl:

That sounds awful! It seems that every 3-4 weeks, we are sick with something. It shouldn't be this way, but it is!

YES! We live at the ped's office! I realize I have 1 extra kid, but Matthew, (knock wood) hasn't really been sick at all this winter.

I've been on Dh to get Brady into the ped's because he just hasn't been himself. Plus, he's been having goopy eyes- not pink eye but goopy eyes. You know... mother's intuition. He actually wanted to cancel his appointment this morning, but I insisted he go.

Lo and behold, he has an eye infection, sinus infection, and ear infection. Poor little guy.

I hope they both are feeling better soon!

lauralkemp 03-02-11 11:40 PM

That sounds like us last year. This year has been better but no daycare and less very cold weather helps I guess.I hope all the kiddos are feeling better soon and yess just 3 weeks til spring.

teddybear1082 03-03-11 07:27 AM

Oh no Jeanne! I was just going to post to ask about Josh- how is he feeling now? And poor Brady. M usually gets that goopy eye when he has an ear infection...
I hope everyone feels better by you soon! M was up most of the night with fever- not his usual ear infection routine- who knows. I am calling soon for an appt.

teddybear1082 03-03-11 12:52 PM

He has another ear infection-but just in one ear this time-and not a super bad one. The doc is having me wait until tomorrow to decide if heis going to take antibiotics. He started running a fever again now that the tylenol wore off, so I am thinking the answer to that will be yes!