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Dopey406 03-08-11 03:07 PM

That's not a radio station--that was Alex's temperature this morning! :thud: 106.5?!!!!! :scared:

After I totally freaked out, I called the pediatrician and took him in. Turns out he has strep throat. HOLY MOLY! That boy knows how to get my attention!

He got a couple of rocephin injections and a script for a different antibiotic than the one he was on last week. Hopefully this one will work and he'll be rid of this mess---and :xfingers: that no one else in the house gets it! :nervous:

MrsS1stbaby 03-08-11 03:10 PM

Eeek! Poor guy! Well, at least was a weekday. It was pure he!! taking Kendall to the ER on Christmas day for 105 fever.....that turned out to be the flu and nothing more could be done then give her Motrin.

koala_kaper 03-08-11 03:34 PM

Aww, poor little guy! Hopefully this new medicine he's will help him and he'll be feeling better in no time!

amitrat 03-08-11 04:02 PM

Wow, that is high - hope he is feeling better!

lauralkemp 03-08-11 04:45 PM

I never heard of such a high fever. I hope he'll be feeling better soona dn the meds help kick that strep's butt.