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What have we got on our hands? Print Version

MrsS1stbaby 03-14-11 01:32 PM

What have we got on our hands?
My dd is getting too smart for her britches, lol!

Last night, Dh needed to go to the garage to get something. She said, "I go with you! I don't get juice box, I just go with you to garage." (she knows her juice boxes are out there and we limit those) Well, she went with Dh, but I heard her asking when they were coming out if she could have a juice box. Dh told, "I'm not sure baby- you should ask Mommy." Kendall says, "I ask Mommy, she will say no."

Then she comes up to me and asks, I say no, of course, and she looks at Dh and says, "I tell you. I ask mommy for juice box she say no. You tell me ask Mommy, I tell you she will say no"

LOL- and as she is getting this out, you can see her little brain wheels turning. It is so adorbale, made me almost give her that juice box! Dh says it reminds him of his lil cousin when she was that age.

savannah33 03-14-11 01:35 PM

She sounds precious!

MrsS1stbaby 03-14-11 01:40 PM

Oh Susan- you just don't know-she is hilarious! (to us anyways)

I think I posted here about the bathroom exhaust fan.....that one STILL makes me laugh just thinking about it. I need to writing these down in a journal for her one day!

rudolphia 03-14-11 03:01 PM

She's figuring out the way the world works, isn't she?

lauralkemp 03-14-11 06:37 PM

Jospeh is starting to work that way too. I tell him no and then I hear him ask daddy/grandma for the same thing. Grandma is pretty good about checking but daddy sometimes forgets so he gets what he wants.