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New Carseat Guidelines Print Version

Oreo 03-21-11 08:48 AM

New Carseat Guidelines
New guidelines are out from AAP and they want kids to be in carseats until 2 years old.


Dopey406 03-21-11 09:54 AM

We didn't turn Alex around until after his 2nd birthday. When he was born a couple of years ago, our ped told us it was recommended until 18 months but he's consistently 6-8 months behind in his gross motor skills, we adjusted that and kept him rear-facing until 2. So he's only been forward-facing for about a month and I'm still getting used to it. :lol:

diane1816 03-21-11 11:36 AM

That is great! So now we have some regulatory backing for what many of us already knew was safest.

Oreo 03-21-11 09:20 PM

I kept Molly backwards until last October when we traded in the van and the new car was too small for the Britax to be backwards.

3Princes 03-21-11 09:37 PM

I still have Brady rear-facing in my car, but we are running out of room since he's the size of the average 2 year old already. I have to cross his legs. He's forward-facing in dh's car. My older kids are starting to give me sh!t because they're both in the 5point, high back booster seats. Josh thinks I'm kidding when i say he'll be out of it when he's 8. I'm not kidding though. :rotfl: