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Thought we were having a better weeek Print Version

teddybear1082 03-21-11 07:13 PM

Thought we were having a better weeek
But I was wrong. We have been at the doctor at least once a week with the kids for the whole winter (or so it seems). Even the dog has had a rough winter and had surgery on friday (and was back at the vet today). I was hoping that this week would be a healthy one, but ds has been congested and wheezing. We went today and he is now on breathing treatments 4 times a day for bronchiolitis. Luckily dd is about to stop neb treatments since she is switching to an inhaler next week. I don't know where I would find the time to do breathing treatments for both of them all day since we only have one machine and the treatments take 15-25 minutes each depending on what meds are in them.
I guess i should be happy that his ears are clear since he has had a ton of ear infections this winter!

teddybear1082 03-21-11 09:25 PM

Oh and now dh is puking. Dd had a stomach bug on Friday, but I guess this would have to be a new one in the house since it has been a few days- unless dd was still contagious after she was done puking. I hope the kids and I don't get sick now. I feel sick just thinking about it.

3Princes 03-21-11 09:39 PM

Jeez. Hope Spring, "springs" soon!

savannah33 03-22-11 08:45 AM


I hope that everyone is well soon and it stays that way.

teddybear1082 03-22-11 03:29 PM

So far today the kids and I are puke free. Let's hope it stays this way for a while! Dh had such a bad virus that he hasn't even been out of bed today, is still not able to eat anything and drinking is questionable. Ds is still coughing and sounds terrible, but I am confident that a few days of neb treatments will change that. I am taking the kids to the diner for dinner just to get out of the house. Dd is super excited that she gets to have pancakes and eggs for dinner!