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Mark'sbabygirl 03-22-11 09:46 PM

First Tea Party!!
Hope and I had our first real tea party today. I showed her how to pour it and drink from the little cups and she copied everything I was so precious!! We had a blast!!

lauralkemp 03-22-11 10:22 PM

That's so sweet. I hope we'll have a little girl someday so I can do those things. Joseph is ALL Boy. Tea parties would take to much patience for him.

MrsS1stbaby 03-23-11 11:09 AM

Awe, so cute! Kendall has a little tea playset that the teapot makes noise as it pours & sings songs, etc. It comes with 2 cups and a tray of desserts. She has fun asking you if you would more tea & "pouring" it for you. She was obsessed with it for awhile, but has since moved on to other bicycles, lol.

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