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teddybear1082 03-27-11 06:24 AM

Early riser
Does anyone else have a little one who likes to get up really early? Ds has been getting up at 5 or even earlier this past week or more. The latest we ever get him to sleep is 6:30, but he is usually up by 6. He gets up earlier when he has an ear infection or is teething, so that is rather often- right now it is teething. He doesn't cry, he just stands in his crib calling ma and da every once in a while. I would be perfectly content to let him stand there forever if he and dd didn't share a room and if our rooms were not so close together- he sounds like he is right next to me! I can't wait until this tooth comes through!

brandimichelle 03-27-11 12:07 PM

OMG... I would just die!

I had a friend who's daughter got up that early and she now flat out refuses to get her out of bed until 7am. She is 3 and has always done this and started this about a year ago. She said she will either just sit in bed and play... sometimes she'll cry... and sometimes she goes back to sleep...

teddybear1082 03-27-11 02:30 PM

I wold totally leave him if dd wasn't 2 feet away in her bed. I would rather get up with just him and be tired than have both of them up that early!

lauralkemp 03-27-11 05:41 PM

Joseph gets up around 6. Luckily he is still and only child so I can doze and listen on the moniter while he plays. Most mornings though he's coming in and getting us up but he will lay down with us which I'm ok with if it's after 5:30. A few times he's come in at 2am and he gets cuddled for a few minutes and carried back to bed where I'll read him a short story then leave the room.

3Princes 03-27-11 08:45 PM

We have a strict "Hell to the no" clause in our house. As in, if we hear a child before 6:45am, we ask ourselves, "should we get up?" and the answer is "HELL TO THE NO!" Nobody gets up before 6:45am, 7 if it's a weekend, including the baby. Josh and Brady share a room, but typically Josh sleeps through most of it. Usually though, he gets bored and lays back down.
Have you tried laying him down earlier at night? Sometimes that will help them to sleep later. Have you read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy CHild?" When Babywise failed me with Matthew, I read that and it helped. Hope he starts feeling better too. Poor guy, and poor mommy!