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I think it is official! Print Version

raabta01 03-29-11 11:51 AM

I think it is official!
Well Theron turned 3 on March 14th. This past weekend I noticed that on two mornings in a row his pull ups were dry.

So, for the last two days he's worn his underpants to bed and has been dry both mornings! My fingers are crossed that we don't have a relapse but I think were are officially 2 down 1 to go as far as kids and diapers go.

On the same topic Theron has developed a wierd quirk. We put him into pj's every night but before he goes to bed he now takes them off and changes into whatever clothes he plans to wear the next day and sleeps in that. I figure it's not that big a deal if he's confortable and it's also one less kid to dress in the mornings! He normally wears a shirt his clip on tie, and a zip up jacket or windbreaker. Leslie thinks he's trying to copy me (I wear a suit and tie to work every day).

savannah33 03-29-11 11:55 AM

:rotfl: on the formal PJ's :lol:

WTG on potty training!

MrsS1stbaby 03-29-11 12:07 PM

LOL- that is too cute about copying you and sleeping in his clothes!

Kendall has woken up dry a few times, like today, but she still has days when her diaper is very full, so I am not sure if I am ready for no diaper at night yet!

raabta01 03-29-11 03:45 PM

The funny thing is they told me at school they can't get him to take the jackets/windbreakers off, and yes he's usually wearing the tie to school now too!

I'll have to get a photo!

lauralkemp 03-29-11 04:17 PM

That's too cute. I got Joseph and Doug matching Easter outfits, but Joseph has never deliberately copied Doug.