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Rough Monday Morning! Print Version

koala_kaper 03-29-11 03:44 PM

Rough Monday Morning!
Athemia woke up yesterday saying her ear hurt. I was thinking (hoping?) it was just something that had to do with her sinuses since she was laying down when she told me and her nose was all stuffed up. BUT we got up to start the day and she was still saying it hurt. I gave her some Tylenol and decided to get her in for an appointment to make sure it wasn't an ear infection (she's never had one), I was going to take her after lunch...

Well, we were getting ready to take SIenna to gymnastics at the Y and Athemia threw up. It wasn't much and it was all phlegm (sorry, TMI!) but no red (like Tylenol). So she stayed home with BIL.

She only puked once (thank goodness! I don't do well with that!) but I took her to the Dr after lunch anyway. THey said her left ear had a little fluid but since there was air on both sides of her ear drum and her throat was a little red but didn't look like strep that it's just bacterial, not anything antibiotics would cure...

Of course after that Athemia decided she was feeling much better and was up and running around, acting like her normal self! And today there is no ear pain or anything! It's crazy how resilient kids are!

lauralkemp 03-29-11 04:14 PM

Glad she's feeling better. Joseph never acts sick unless he's running a fever.

teddybear1082 03-29-11 05:00 PM

Glad she is feeling better!