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Uh-Oh....we could be in trouble! Print Version

Mark'sbabygirl 04-01-11 06:37 PM

Uh-Oh....we could be in trouble!
Heard a "thud" when Hope was waking up this morning...yes indeed she had climbed out of her crib! She scared herself soooooo bad- we are hoping she doesn't do it again, lol!!! If she does, I think we will be buying one of those crib tents one of you guys told me about!!

teddybear1082 04-01-11 08:21 PM

Dd was super scared when she did it but we switched her to a bed that night. She was just 2 and it took a bit of adjusting but she did fine in her bed within a week. Good luck!

brandimichelle 04-01-11 10:34 PM

Avery climbed out of her bed at 12 months old ALL. THE. TIME. It scared me to death. That is why she ended up in the bed with us :bag: because I knew she wasn't ready for her own bed...

rudolphia 04-02-11 12:11 AM

I highly recommend the crib tent. It's the only way we kept Lukas napping until age 3. Luckily, he will stay in his crib at night still.

amitrat 04-05-11 01:24 AM

GL - Ashley did it once and then never again - Kaitlyn
(2) has till never done it!