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Another ear infection... Print Version

teddybear1082 04-09-11 07:51 AM

Another ear infection...
I think ds has another one. This will make 7 or 8 since the summer. He was super cranky yesterday and screamed his head off any time I tried to put him down for a nap. Now he woke up with terrible congestion, a cough and a very gunky eye. Ugh.

3Princes 04-09-11 10:23 AM

oh yea, Brady just had the gunk in the eye, and our ped told dh that when you see the eye is infected, it automatically goes straight to the ears. Does the doctor suggest tubes in the ears? I know that I'm guessing Brady will have to get them. He had an ear infection at his 2 week checkup and seems very succeptable to them.

Poor guy.

teddybear1082 04-09-11 02:38 PM

My ped told us the same thing-we dread the gunky eye in this house. Before he even had it I called the pharmacy to refill the eye drop prescription we keep on hand-I guess it was mothers' intuition.

About the tubes-he said to wait until spring (now) to see what happens. I am assuming we will be sent to the ent when I bring Michael in on Monday.

Sorry Brady is having trouble with his ears too. Like you said in your other post-these kids are really keeping us on our toes!

teddybear1082 04-11-11 06:13 PM

Unfortunately I was right. Ear infection, bronchial cough and pink eye. yuck. Now he has antibiotics, neb treatments and eye drops. He looks so pathetic-I just wish I could make him all better!

MrsS1stbaby 04-12-11 08:40 AM

Oh poor lil guy! I hope he feels better quickly!

Kendall has been on the Allergra since Thursday & while her nose is no longer runny, (which only lasted a day or 2 & Dh thinks she actually had a cold since a baby she was around had one) but her cough seems to have gotten worse sounding! So since tomorrow will have been a week of taking the Allegra, I think I am going to go ahead and call her ped.