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MrsS1stbaby 04-19-11 09:30 AM

New daycare!
Well, I did it- after touring 6 daycare centers and thinking it over, talking & typing out pro/con lists for a few days, I have submitted the 2 week notice for withdrawl at dd's current daycare & registered her for a new place. She will start going full time to a new place on May 2nd! I am nervous and excited at the same time. But, I've been by this place 3x & sent dh over there once. I really like it, it's just so scary sending her in to the "unknown" since no one I have talked to has used the place or heard anything (good or bad) about the place.

So hopefully, she will have a month to get used to this before before the next big change ......her baby brother!

I have been telling her she will be going to a new place soon and will have new teachers & new friends and (the big thing) will not be going to Memaw's anymore. I hope on being able to bring her by there at least once before she starts so she can see the place, so it won't be a complete shock come that Monday.

Anyone else switched daycares before & have any words of wisdom?

savannah33 04-19-11 09:46 AM

Good for you.

yes we switched two times in fact. Once because of moving and then I was really unhappy after about 5 months of issues and feeling like it was not being addressed so I switched again. I did the same thing with dropping by, touring, talking to others, looking up ratings and I can't remember how but I found something on looking up if there were any reported violations. I also took the kids with me to visit before they started and my kids LOVED the daycare they were at after I changed them. My daughter went from crying and not wanting to go to completely loving her teachers and talking about them non stop. She is in 1st grade now and when we get near the daycare she asks if she can go in and say hello. :lol:

teddybear1082 04-19-11 10:21 AM

Good luck with the switch. I am sure she will do great in the new place.