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Off to the ENT Print Version

teddybear1082 04-20-11 02:21 PM

Off to the ENT
We had to go back to the ped today because ds is still not right. He had his last dose of antibiotic today but still has a ton of fluid in both ears so he is going to get tubes inserted. The doc said that the test done showed almost no vibration of his ear drums. He also still (at 15 months) gets really bad eye infections on one side, so we are also being sent to an eye doc to possible have his duct probed. Ugh- poor little guy! Hopefully these things will help!

LAB 04-29-11 01:35 AM

Poor guy! We did tubes with Christine for the same reason and it was wonderful! Best decision we ever made!

Mark'sbabygirl 05-01-11 10:04 AM

poor baby!! Can't believe he is 15 months already! hope he is better soon!