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He wasn't having it. Print Version

lauralkemp 04-22-11 07:44 PM

He wasn't having it.
We took Joseph to see the Easter Bunny today. He liked him from a distance but when we tried to get a picture he screamed and ran aaway. They let us sit there for a few minutes to let him see other kids get their pictures taken. Not one other kid screeamed or cried(not even the teeny baby) but he still wouldn't do even with the pormise of ice cream(which I got him anyway later) or Mommy and Daddy sitting with him which the girls there would have let us do.
Oh well, I didn't want to traumatize him completely so we'll try again next year. I was disappointed cause the package was very reasonable. They even gave a shutterfly code.
Maybe we can get a photo with the Bunny if he comes to church or the Saturday egg hunt at the outdoor mall.

LAB 04-29-11 01:33 AM

How cute. A trick for next time is to hold him and back into the Bunny/Santa so he can't see, then sit on the lap yourself. Or I have pics if me screaming with Santa and the next yr I'm all happy and my younger brother is screaming. I think both of my boys would have been hysterical this yr.