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She did it- she went #2 IN the potty!! Print Version

MrsS1stbaby 04-26-11 09:21 PM

She did it- she went #2 IN the potty!!
I cannot believe it, but Kendall did it! After having a #1 accident last night & today during naptime at daycare, she actually went #2 in the potty!

:dance: :hyper: :skip: :pickle: :ele: :mdance::banana:

She told us she needed to go and I suggested trying the potty. She started her usual whine about how she would do it later and needed a diaper. But I scooped her up & talked gently & excitedly about how it would not hurt, asked her who else in her class goes poop on the potty & wouldn't it be cool to be able to tell them you did it too? And just plopped her on the potty. I got her "Big Sister" book that talks about how the baby poops in the diaper and the big sister poops in the potty. And she just started going & looks at me all surprised and says "I not crying!" We must have read 4 books, a few of them multiple times, and sat there for at least 10-15 minutes for her to be completely done. I have never been so happy to smell someone's else poop in my life!

Afterwards she got 2 stickers and a prize- she chose a sparkly slap bracelet with a frog on it. And we called Memaw to tell her, lol!

Hopefully she keeps this up so she can move to the 3 year old class at her daycare in July!

lauralkemp 04-27-11 12:40 AM

WTG!! That's so exciting!! Joseph is showing a renewed interest so i hope this summer we can get him #1 trained at least.

teddybear1082 04-27-11 06:06 PM

Way to go!