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How is everyone? Print Version

3Princes 05-09-11 09:27 PM

How is everyone?
How about an update? I haven't been posting as much but I am here checking in pretty much every day. I have a bunch of things going on-- some good, some eh.
Brady is doing awesome! He has been teething for a few weeks now- getting teeth on top of teeth. He got his molars on top and bottom, and now his eye teeth are coming in. He's been biting a little though, but it's understandable with all that's going on in his mouth!

He's communicating so much! It's so funny to ask a question not expecting an answer and he says "yeah" or "no" or nods his head. Both my other 2 had speech delays, so I'm not used to all this communication but it sure is fun. He has also started with the tantrums though! He seems young for that to me, but man he freaks out if he doesn't get what he wants and you won't let him get it.

How is everyone else doing?

lauralkemp 05-09-11 10:58 PM

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Joseph is almost 2 1/2 now. He is talking up a storm and has new words every day. He knows the difference between a school bus and a city bus. He knows tractors, trucks and Mustangs. He can count to 3 easily and sometimes 4 or 5 He knows most of his letters and even recognizes some short words. . He is getting better about naps again. He has started saying his prayers at night and that has helped the bedtime routine. He has stalled on potty training. I'm going to focus on it during our summer break. The other big thing is working on drinking out of a regular cup. He brushes his teeth pretty well with minimum help and can even dress himself some.
He'll be continuing Kindemusik this summer and also starting swimming lessons. We are trying it for two weeks to see how he does and then continue as time and money allow. Luckily we have a pool here so we can work on stuff at home.
All in all he is a very fun, independant little boy(he's not a baby anymore:( .)

koala_kaper 05-10-11 02:04 PM

Athemia is 2 1/2. She can count to 16, and from there she says 18, 19, 20, we're getting there :) She is very intelligent and also VERY sassy! She has that "youngest child syndrome" going on for sure, and it should be interesting to see how she reacts when the baby is born!

We usually do YMCA classes, but we always take off for the summer (with vacations and all that, it's just easier that way!) but we will sign up again in fall and when we do, she wants to do swimmng, gymnastics and dance (like her bit sister!) Fortunately for us, we should be able to get the girls in the same day/time for both gymnastics and swimming, and dance will be the same day, different times (one right after the other) I guess big brother will be the one we're running extra for :)

Mark'sbabygirl 05-10-11 03:23 PM

Hope will be two in July (she's 21 months) and is doing awesome. She is so incredible! She also has new words every day (yesterday was "gate" and "quiet" and today was "wow", lol. Her favorite phrase when putting two words together is "kick mama" or "kick dada" haha....she thinks it's soooo funny! Of course, she gets a time out if she actually does it haha. We bought her a new pool with a little slide and she LOVES it. She is so cute with Ryan- now she will even come up and kiss him on her own and it's sooo sweet! It is also really cute when she shows him toys and says "hi baby!". She calls her grandparents "Baba" which she came up with all on her own and is sooo cute! She is trying to assert her independence lately and won't say "please" when she wants something- it's pretty funny. She doesn't think so though because then she doesn't get what she wants! She is still missing a few teeth and has been teething pretty good lately. She has been really healthy though and we are very lucky for that. She and Ryan are both such joys- I had a wonderful Mother's Day celebrating being a mommy to two amazing kids!


If you watch to the 1:30 mark you will see Ryan and I too.

MrsS1stbaby 05-10-11 09:43 PM

Kendall will be 3 in July....does that mean she will be a Pre-schooler?? Oy vie!

She is the same as usual; smart as a whip, very talkative & animated, stubborn, bossy, but also very sweet & loves people. She has been potty trained on #1 for about 2 months now and we are starting to go sans Pullups for night time since she has woken up dry every day for a week or so. She is getting the hang of PT for #2 as well and I hope she keeps it up and doesn't revert back after the baby is born.

She has hit rough patch this past week with temper tantrums. She started going to a new daycare last week, full time, and on day#4 she lost it- threw 3 temper tantrums that day; the 1st made me 15 mins late for work. We are hoping it's just the adjustment of the new place, new people, and realizing she no longer will be going to Memaw's....and not the onset of the Terrifying Three's! We have heard from some people that their children were worse at 3 than at 2.....and I don't know how I would handle that and a new baby!