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OMG that was horrible! Print Version

3Princes 06-13-11 04:08 PM

OMG that was horrible!
I took Brady in to get his blood drawn, and, long story short, 2 hours, 4 different ppl, 4 pokes, 1 screaming child, and still probably not enough blood!!!!

I'd have the poke/scratch test 1000 times over to not have to do THAT again!

Dopey406 06-13-11 04:24 PM

:bighug: That's awful. I'm sorry it went so off the rails. Hopefully it won't have to be done again. :hugsad:

Patience 06-13-11 04:33 PM

Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that. That is always my big worry with labs and kids. They "say" they are trained to do any age but in reality it takes some special training/experience to draw from a child. UGH!

I hope they are able to get some results from it and he doesn't have to go through that ever again (or you either).

Patience 06-13-11 04:35 PM

Slightly OT but my DD's best friend (who's allergic to peanuts), just had a reaction that needed the epi-pen.

Her Dad never injected her before. Fast forward a day and Taylor was telling everyone about the 6 inch gash in her leg, not the shock or hospital visit.

I guess her Dad panicked and just shot her without any warning. She jumped so quickly that it left a big gash in her thigh.

Needles and the inexperienced are a recipe for disaster.

3Princes 06-13-11 04:37 PM

Well, after poke number 2, I said, "Can you call up to the pediatric ward and see if I can take him up there?" So they called one person, who told them to consult the "Policies and procedures" manual, and then called up to peds only to find out that there are no "specialists" who draw blood up there-- it's just whomever is assigned up there. Then they pulled the supervisor out of a meeting, and she called the head nurse who was going to bring down a doppler to look for a vein. However, when she got down there and saw how young he was, she said it would never work. So she herself was the only one who was able to get any blood-- while the supervisor (who was an older grandmotherly type, and 2 other people and me held him down. She kissed his forehead and kept telling him it was ok while he screamed.