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For those with boys... Print Version

teddybear1082 07-19-11 08:18 AM

For those with boys...
Is it normal for a boy to have his hands in his pants 24-7? DS is about 18 months old and has recently discovered that he can grab himself when he is clothed. He will remove his hand when told but we are afraid of making it like a game to him. We also don't want to make him ashamed, but he is a bit too young to understand the concept of the correct time and place for such things.
Any advice?

rudolphia 07-19-11 02:58 PM

Yes yes yes. My boys are 3-1/2 and almost 5, and they are both obsessed with their penises. I tell them that their penises are private and they should only touch them in private. Doesn't always happen, though.

To give you an idea, one of Marek's first full sentences was, "Donger - I like it." And more recently, he gave us this gem: "When I think about girls, my penis stands straight up." :blush:

savannah33 07-19-11 03:05 PM

LMAO now that's a lady's man Rudi! :spit:

lauralkemp 07-19-11 04:28 PM

Joseph(2 1/2) isn't excessive about it but he does do it and we just say no, not appropriate. We are mater of fact about it not angry of pleading so he doesn't feel like it's "wrong" or a game.

rachel stella 01-16-12 04:37 PM

At this age I distract the with something else. When they get older and understand more, I will explain what is appropriate and not appropriate. And yes, this is normal :)