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Hope turned 2 yesterday!! Print Version

Mark'sbabygirl 07-22-11 03:15 PM

Hope turned 2 yesterday!!
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Our baby girl is TWO !! OMG!!! And Ryan will be 6 months on Thursday- oh how the time flys! We are having Hope's party tomorrow and we celebrated just us four last night. She is so amazing and I can't believe it's been two years since that crazy labor, birth, and stay in the NICU. She is LOVING swimming this year and can swim by herself with a life jacket on. Her language has exploded- she says 2-3 word sentences and knows many colors and letters. She is really into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we are having a "mimi" party as she calls it. She also loves Nemo and Dory, and still loves Bolt. We are still in awe of the incredible miracle that she is everyday!

Hope as a newborn and at one year....

Mark'sbabygirl 07-22-11 03:22 PM

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Hope almost two...Yoga anyone?? With Grandpa,and with Daddy and Ryan

terribletwos 03-09-12 03:56 PM

I've also got 2 around the same age, 2 1/2 year old daughter, and 8 month old son. Interesting time for both of them, and both of us...
Abi is definitely starting to find her own voice....and it can be a loud one!