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Alicia Walked! Print Version

raabta01 08-17-11 02:40 PM

Alicia Walked!
I was with Alicia (born 6/22/10) last night and she walked!

I couldn't believe it. For about a month now I've known she was physically able to walk as she can basically run circles around the coffee long as at least one of her hands is touching it, but as soon as she let go she'd plop down on the ground.

Finally last night we was holding on to the coffee table and went after my cell phone and I don't think she even knew she was doing it, but she walked about 6-7 steps! A few minutes later she just walked across the living room all by herself for no reason. Then when my MIL dropped Theron off she walked one more time for her!

I knows she's my third kid, but it's so cool and special to witness a big milestone like that!

lauralkemp 08-17-11 04:20 PM

That is so awesome! I love little wobbly babies!
Joseph was like that too. He was walking as lomg as he was holding a hand or something for about a month and the one day he just got it and took about 10 steps. The best part was DH was just taking his first steps in rehab. I even have a video of them walking together holding hands.

Mark'sbabygirl 08-17-11 11:26 PM

SO exciting!!!

savannah33 08-18-11 07:52 AM

Very cool no matter which kid it is! :tup:

teddybear1082 08-22-11 02:21 PM

So exciting !!