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Brady's health issues Print Version

3Princes 08-24-11 10:11 PM

Brady's health issues
When we went to the pediatrician's office for Brady's 18 month check, we had a couple things come up.
First of all, he had a heart murmur. I guess those can usually sort of "fix" themselves, but his hasn't. Matthew had the same thing, and his did resolve, but the pediatrician gave us the "it's probably nothing, but I want you to get it checked" speech.

He also has this weird looking bump on his back. It looks like a pimple. I actually tried to squeeze it :bag: and there was nothing in it, but it doesn't look like a mole either. He wants us to get it checked as well, but again, he thinks it's probably nothing.

As far as the allergies, a lot of that is still really sketchy. DH called and talked with the allergist's office at length, and I talked with the pediatrician, and for now, we are handling it by avoidance, and benedryl/claritin at first notice of a reaction. I am eager for him to be old enough to draw more blood and get a clearer picture of his allergies, because I really think there are more.

Patience 08-24-11 11:00 PM

Oh man!! It sounds like it all likely is nothing just random things that don't fit together but are worrisome none the less. UGH!

I'm glad they are checking out the heart murmur. It usually is nothing major, but it is best to rule out the scary stuff. Thankfully echocardiograms are pretty easy to do and can tell so much.

That stinks about the allergy testing being so iffy. I'm glad you have a plan in place though. Have they given you a script for the jr. epi pens? Just in case I think it is good to have one on hand. Not that you ever hopefully use it, but I personally just like having it for my own insanity. LOL! Now with DD's best buddy having such severe allergies (and she doesn't carry her pen) I like having one in the house even more.

I hope everything checks out perfectly normal. I'm always glad when docs want to double check things with a specialist, but that waiting and worry is for the birds.

teddybear1082 08-25-11 01:01 PM

Oh no, hope you are not too stressed over it all. It is easy for the doc to say it is probably nothing, but it is another thing for you to not actually worry! Good luck with getting it all figured out.