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Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA Print Version

MrsS1stbaby 08-25-11 08:29 PM

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA
Hey everybody....I miss you!!!

It's been a crazy few months and I never seem to find the time to get on here anymore. I used to log in/post during work (bad, I know), but I've been way too busy to even check my bank account online while at work and when I am at home, I usually just stick to Facebook for a few minutes then off to bed.

Kendall turned 3 in July and July is a birthday frenzy month for us. She had a really fun party with a small waterslide/bounce house in my parents backyard in the 98 degree weather. (thank goodness for canopies, fans, and water slides!) And even though her b-day was in July, she just had her 3 year old check-up today: she is 30.2 lbs and 38.5 inches tall.

Garrett will be 3 months on the 1st and is just the cutest, sweetest lil boy! He breastfeeds much better now and much better than Kendall ever did. And so far my supply in the freezer seems to be growing where Kendall's was dwindling already by this stage. (I think; it's been awhile) And his weight is better than Kendall's was- he probably weighs about 12-13 lbs now. Unfortunately, even with all this eating, he is not sleeping through the night. He has done it a few times, but not most nights. So I am very tired the majority of the time. Thankfully, he will fall right back to sleep-somtimes only after 5 minutes of nursing.

How is everyone else? I know it's a crazy time of year with school starting back up. And if any of you are in the path of Hurricane Irene, I hope do not experience too much damage or flooding from this storm. Stay safe and dry!