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Does my daughter look like me at all? Print Version

salvatore100 11-23-11 06:53 AM

Does my daughter look like me at all?
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What do YOU think??

It's my daughter on the first picture

It's me on the 2 pictures with the black background below..

Thanks for your reply, i look forward to hearing from you...

2babygirls 11-23-11 12:09 PM

Same nose :)
She is adorable!

Tracey and Neil 03-09-12 05:27 PM

I agree! Same nose, and similar eye shape. Both gorgeous little ladies!

Often a child looks more like the Father when they're born, and starts to look more like the Mother as they get older. I was told that it's the hunter-gatherer instinct, the Father provides for the child because the child looks like him. Not sure if it's true or not?