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weight lost? breast feeding Print Version

Mekka 06-29-12 08:47 AM

weight lost? breast feeding
I have lost 36 pounds in two months and all i have to do is feed my son! The doctors told me that breastfeeding would burn up my calories(: so for any new moms out there that want to lose weight quick after pregnancy i would consider breast feeding and eating healthy

MrsS1stbaby 06-29-12 02:00 PM

I lost around 15 pounds while BF my son, it was wonderful! You have to be careful though- my friend and I both found that after we stopped BF, it was hard to stop eating like we were and we quickly put back on the weight. I just told my hubby last night that as much as I am glad that part is over, I want to do it again just to lose the weight, lol!

SoccerPlayerMom 07-26-12 07:46 PM

I'm looking forward to breastfeeding, this is only one of the reaons; to lose the baby weight. I would still want to do it of course, even if it had no effect on my weight. I hope everything goes well and I will be able to do it.

SoccerPlayerMom 07-26-12 07:50 PM

36 pounds in two months is quite a lot! How much did you gain during your pregnancy?

If I lost 36 pounds, I would be quite skinny. Hmm, I like how that sounds lol.

Daniela Traviss 01-05-15 07:29 PM

I lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks postpartum just by breastfeeding. It is really wonderful.