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Hello all, I'm new here! Print Version

annielizs 10-30-12 06:11 PM

Hello all, I'm new here!

My name is Ryanne, my son Logan just turned 2 years old. He has so much energy! My biggest problem is that he doesn't pay any attention to the word "no." It's lke I've desensitized him to that word or something. Any thouhts?

I"m so glad I found this board! I'm also a community leader at another toddler board (technically for Sept. 2011 babies, but we would take anyone around that time) over at Baby Zone and I would love to make some friends here and there! Right now I'm the only one at that board and it's pretty lonely. :(

Anyhow, I'm happy to have found you all and can't wait to be part of the group!


MollysMommy 11-02-12 03:06 PM

Welcome to TBC!
Ever since I found this group I
have fallen in love with it!
Everyone is so helpful around here.
Hope you enjoy ;)

MrsS1stbaby 11-03-12 07:29 PM

Hi, welcome! I have a 4 year old girl (Diva) and a 17 month old boy.....who is starting to act more like a 2 year old than a sweet 1 year old baby!