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Not sure if im pregnant, but if i am how do i help my toddler Print Version

jessie2b21 11-13-12 02:43 PM

Not sure if im pregnant, but if i am how do i help my toddler
I'm not sure if im pregnant its been 4 weeks, and im not sure if its to early to tell. But my son is almost 2 1/2 and how do i try to help him through it if i am. He already get jealous if im holding another baby and if i ask him if mommy and daddy can have a baby he says no baby mommy. Im scared that if i am and he doesnt understand what it will be like after the baby is born.

MrsS1stbaby 11-13-12 08:59 PM

Well, first off, if you are pregnant, congrats! My daughter was almost 3 when her baby brother was born and a little jealousy is normal. When we found out we were pregnant we just talked to her about it a lot, that it meant she would have someone to play with when the baby got bigger, and she would have to share toys, but that they would have to share their toys too. She got several books as gift from different people about "I'm a Big Sister" which I think helped. As my belly grew, she became excited and liked to touch it, kiss it, and sometimes even talked to the baby. When he was born & I had to spend a lot of time nursing, she would get mad per se or hit the baby or anything, but sometimes while I was nursing she would act out and I think that was just her way of trying to put the attention on her. But we tried to involve her; she would help me burp him, hand me spit rags or diapers, she would "read" to him, help hold the bottle. Sometimes she wanted to help too much and there were some power struggles...but hey she was 3!

Now he is 17 months and she is 4. They love each other and get along pretty well. But of course they do have their moments which is to be expected.