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another toilet training question.......

another toilet training question.......

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  • elizzie 10-04-04 | 10:33 PM
  • ok, since Sean has yet to poop in the toilet. He doesn't hold it for days, but in the beginning he held it for like 2 days, then went in his underwear. Now, he seems to hold it all day long until the evening or the next morning when he then goes in his underwear. So, he's definitely holding it (not too long, but with all the fruits/veggies he's getting) he should be going 2-3 times a day like he used to.

    Here's what I'm wondering. I have a 1 year old and an almost 2 month old (for sanitary reasons) I'm not sure if having Sean run around naked is a good idea, but I guess what I'm wondering is, if a child is naked, will they always poop in the toilet since they know that's where it's suppose to go OR will they end up pooping on the floor? I guess I'm just wondering what Sean would do if he had to poop, I really don't want him pooping on the floor because I don't want my 1 year old getting into that (EW!!!!!)

    what do you think? would he more likely poop in the toilet than the floor? and if you have them run around naked, would you keep just a t'shirt on them so they are warm up top, or completely naked and just put the heat up? thanks
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 10-04-04 | 11:44 PM
  • Sarah hasn't pooped on the floor in all the time she's run around nekkid.
    She has stuck her finger up her butt hole only to find poop on her finger that needed... ummm.. smearing to get off her finger. But that was when she was laying down for nap time and was, well, bored I guess.

    I would seriously take away the underpants and tell him that this ___ (and show him the stockpile of candy and/or toys you have in the corner) is for when he goes poop on the toilet.

    I would also have the pacifier and the crib nearby to put Garrett in when you need that moment free with Sean (even if Garrett crys for a few moments while you're away it's a good idea)
    And I would probably have a similar place to put Aiden so you can focus on Sean until he poops.
    Maybe stuck in the highchair??
  • elizzie 10-05-04 | 10:09 PM
  • Thank you. I think I'm going to try that tomorrow night (after dinner time) if I can catch the moment. It was perfect timing tonight, I could tell Sean needed to poop but his irritation, Ayden (now teething again) was really tired, so he went to bed, and Garrett had just finished his bedtime bottle and went to bed, so I sat in the bathroom with Sean for quite a while, but he just wouldn't poop. I could tell he was really fighting to hold it in. So, he never went, and didn't go before bed at all. So tomorrow he'll probably go in the morning I think maybe. He now has 2 big bins up high in the bathroom, 1 is for stickers which he gets stickers for peeing, and the other is completely filled with tons of candy, so he now knows he gets a candy if he poops (plus a toy from daddy if he poops) still nothing. I think once he goes the first time, I think he'll be fine after that, but he just still won't in the toilet. Peeing he's great at, just wish pooping were that easy

    I even had him go out of the bathroom to eat his snack (naked) and by how I thought he seemed, like he was croutched maybe thinking he'd poop in his chair? Not sure if he'd really poop in his chair or anywhere if he had nothing on, but I may risk it tomorrow and see. As long as Garrett is fed/napping, than at least I could completely monitor Sean/Ayden and catch him in the act of it (in case he decided to poop on the floor)
    I'll let you know thanks for your advice
  • kandjmom kandjmom's Avatar 10-06-04 | 11:46 AM
  • I just want you to know you are not alone. For the longest time all Kasey would do is poop in his pants. He had no problem peeing in the toilet but would either wait until I had him in underpants and then poop or go and not tell me until it was too late. I got so frustrated that I unfortunately had to shame him into going on the potty. I basically told him how dissappointed I was that he pooped in his panties and that if he continued it, then he would have to go back to diapers. I also spent a lot of time following him around to catch him in the act. Finally the only thing that got him to go was to hold his hand while going to the bathroom. The only down side is now every time he goes potty he has to have a partner (can be anyone) to sit and wait with him while he goes. I am happy to say he now tells me regularly when he has to go potty and only has sporatic accidents from not wanting to stop what he is doing. He also now feels sad if he does have an accident. I am quick to reassure him that it was just an accident and we talk about how it is important to stop as soon as he gets the feeling and that we have to remember to go in the potty everytime. I also make sure that he doesn't feel like a bad boy with accidents and that they do happen sometimes. I also do let him go around naked and if he does have to go I race him to see who can get on the potty first. This is a big hit also as Kasey loves being first at everything. I hope some of this info is helpful and Good Luck getting your son to go. As kids get older, their knowledge does kick in and eventually the potty is no longer an issue.
  • Mellie Mellie's Avatar 10-06-04 | 12:41 PM
  • Hope the candy works! We are in such a no phase- or should I say no year, that we're not messing with it. We tried the undies, and he doesn't want to wear them and just pees everywhere. So, we're taking a break, going to start again in Nov. I also don't want to mess with is while on vacation. We are moving totally to the pullups, just to keep the underware type theme going. Our ped told us that with his developemental history that it will likely be closer to 4 when he will be fully potty trained. I am so sick of diapers! I swear I'll be potty training both him and Abby at the same time!

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