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another toilet training update for the week

another toilet training update for the week

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  • elizzie 10-06-04 | 10:25 PM
  • WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Sean went poop in the toilet tonight for the first time EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He'd started wearing underwear a couple of weeks ago, pees in the toilet 99% of the time, but never pooped (only pooped in his underwear and that was after withholding for like 1-2 days) - well after the idea from one of you ladies about having him run around naked, tonight after dinner (in knowing he had to poop but was holding it) I had him run around naked (thinking he'd poop on the floor) but went for it. Sure enough, I was changing my 1 year old's diaper and sean yelled 'pee!!!' as he ran to the toilet.......but he'd already just been to the bathroom to pee, so I realized that he was going to go poop in the toilet, or the floor or whatever so I ran to the bathroom with my 1 year old in my arms, and Sean was already standing on his stool saying 'poop' and pointing. Sure enough, he'd pooped in the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SO!!HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (though I could tell he wasn't done, as withholding as long as he had, he HAD to have more, but he said all done so I didn't make him sit there (he ended up pooping the rest in his underwear) but I don't even care, I was SO thrilled that he finally pooped in the toilet for the 1st time, it's a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hoping starting tomorrow (as he'll be in underwear as usual) that he'll stop withholding poop and go in the toilet. He gets plenty of veggies/fruits so if he doesn't go again by the afternoon, than he's withholding again, but we'll see.

    I can't believe there's progress finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My advice (in my opinion) to anyone using pullups or those feel n learn diapers they are a waste of money (BUT, if your child is using the toilet and wearing pull ups then I guess they work for some children) they just didn't work for Sean. He needed real underwear, a few accidents to finally start using the toilet to pee, and now he goes pee without me asking him if he needs to go. Yes, he does have a few pee accidents, but he pees in the toilet 99% of the time now.

    Believe me, if Sean is finally using the toilet, any child can do this! I wish I'd done this 'underwear' method like a year ago, or even 6 months ago, and maybe he would be toilet trained by now (as he's in a major 'no' phase) but whatever, it's a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 10-07-04 | 01:11 AM

  • AWESOME!!!!!

    Sarah thinks she's done too after 1/2 a poop. What I do is I tell her to wait right there so I can 'go get the wipes'. Her poop is sticky and she needs tons of toilet paper to get all the poop off, so I bought a box of those flushable wipes. But I only bought one box. And we have upstairs and downstairs.
    So, she knows that the flushable wipes are alot easier on her bottom and so she'll sit patiently on the toilet while I go upstairs to get the box of wipes. By the time I get back down stairs, she's gone more poopy! I learned that first time to stall her with the wipes so she'll sit on the toilet and relax waiting for me to get back and clean her up and in the process, finish her poop job.

    BTW - the pullups are a big waste of $ here too... Sarah thinks of those the same as diapers.
  • kandjmom kandjmom's Avatar 10-07-04 | 12:55 PM
  • Good Job Sean. IA with you on the pull ups. For Kasey we had a hard time keeping a diaper on him because he would squirm and wiggle so much it became such a hassle and with him growing so much so fast, the diapers just didn't cut it.. Once we started using Pull ups he was much more co operative with putting them on and keeping them on. But like the rest of you, they were not very helpful in the toilet training area. They were just as absorbant as diapers and he really didn't care if the stars disappeared when he peed or not. For my younger son we will use the Pull Ups only as a diaper substitute but not as a training pant. We will go with the naked bum, the thin spongy training underwear and regular underwear when the time comes. We too use the flushable wipes and boy are they ever handy.
  • cynikkle cynikkle's Avatar 10-07-04 | 02:26 PM
  • Hooray Sean!!! And hooray for mom too! You got him to where he is. My daughter also holds it in until it's huge and painful, but she does that less and less as time goes by. She usually poops now, either by noon, or when she goes to preschool she poops when she gets home around 1 pm.

    I believe it takes commiting to the real underwear, too. We only used pullups at night and when she started getting up in the night to go potty, and waking up dry all the time, we eliminated the pullup. Now, I just take them when we go out of town because sometimes she's disoriented at night in a strange place.

    Annie had a diarreah accident this morning in her panties. It's the first accident in over a month! I'm so proud, and relieved.

    Good job kids!

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