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Big words???

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  • TSLeer TSLeer's Avatar 08-16-05 | 01:11 PM
  • Taylor keeps flooring me with some of the words she's been using lately.

    She said "humongous" (sp?) to my dad the other day describing some big trees we always pass on the way home,
    and she's been using "actually" for the last couple of weeks in the appropriate context, like "Actually, mom, i want this instead."

    OMG, what is it gonna be like when she starts Kindergarten?

    Edited to add: She also loves to distinguish between when I say "Excuse me" and when she get to say "Bless you". Apparently, "excuse me" is only for burps and toots.

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  • ~Christy~ ~Christy~'s Avatar 08-16-05 | 01:31 PM
  • These kids are too much!

    Laurens new word is ridiculous. Except when she first started saying it, it came out "dick less"
    I turned beat red the first time she said it. Then she continued to say it but now she has learned how to pronounce it right.Thank goodness
  • HelenWendy HelenWendy's Avatar 08-22-05 | 10:53 AM
  • Funny little monkey, it cracks u up what they take in and come out with.
    Oliver is in to making up big words atm!! Makes no sence at all.
    Love Helen