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Ellie tanned herself!

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  • Allison Allison's Avatar 04-04-06 | 04:34 PM
  • I bought some new self tanner yesterday and Ellie got hold of it. She COVERED herself in it - I didn't see any alternative except to just rub it in for her!! Today she has a nice healthy glow...

    I was MIA during the bulk of Ellie's "Betty Ford" months, but I swear I called Poison Control at least twice in one month, and went to the emergency room 3 times in about 3 months. Seriously, I'm not a bad parent, she's just extremely resourceful and mischevious!
  • HelenWendy HelenWendy's Avatar 04-04-06 | 04:59 PM
  • Ooops!!
    Did u not have the eyes in the back of ur head open!!
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 04-04-06 | 06:11 PM

  • omword.... that is too much.... and you say i WANT a girl????

  • Allison Allison's Avatar 04-04-06 | 06:15 PM
  • You'ver got me there, Kelli! Ellie is so much more of a handful than Grant!