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finally a positive toilet training update

finally a positive toilet training update

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  • elizzie 10-01-04 | 09:51 PM
  • FINALLY I can say we've got progress!!!! One day I just said to myself that these 'feel n learn' diapers are useless, pullups are useless, diapers are useless, so I bought like 20 pairs of underwear and picked a day and that was it. It's been a little over a week now of Sean wearing underwear during the day (he wears a diaper only at nap/bedtime) and at least there's some progress.

    For the most part, 99% of the time Sean goes pee in the toilet all the time without me even asking him/reminding him. Occasionally he still has accidents, holds it in too long I guess and in playing, forgets to go fast enough. But overall he's more than 50% pee/toilet trained. Now the tough thing now is getting him to poop in the toilet, he still hasn't done that ever. He poops in his underwear (and doesn't poop nearly as much now) I think he's holding it in as long as he can, so like today, for ie. he didn't poop at all. So I make sure he's getting plenty of fruits and veggies so he doesn't get constipated. I know he'll eventually poop in the toilet (hopefully sooner rather than later) as to clean him up is nasty! I have to put him in the shower/tub so poop doesn't get everywhere, so gross! But at least there's finally progress He's one child I never thought would 'get it' as he's in the 'no' phase of toddlerhood. But for Sean at least, just starting underwear and sticking with it no matter what was the key (I realize now, I really believe that if I'd done this method 6 months ago or so, he'd probably be trained by now) oh well
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 10-02-04 | 10:45 PM
  • well, it's all a learning thing... for all of us (kids and parents)
    who knows what would have worked when.. .... ...

    The way I got Sarah to poop in the toilet is I fed her mineral oil one morning. If they're constipated, it'll make them go 6-8 hours later. (and I mean make.. as in,,,, incontrollable urge to poop urge) If they're not constipated, it'll take less than an hour (this is from my experience and what I've read online)
    It was suggested to do this in the Dr Greene website for kids who refused to go on the potty. It worked like a champ for me. Sarah immediately had to go poop.. (she was nekkid at the time). She then told me she had to go poop and I ran to the toilet with her. We sad down and she went. Ever since then, she's not been afraid or worried to go in the toilet. (before that, she would hold it for days until she had a diaper or pull up on to go in as I was making her go nekkid and she wasn't going to go if she wasn't wearing anything)

  • NicholeMatthew NicholeMatthew's Avatar 10-05-04 | 12:23 PM
  • I had the opposite problem.. going pee in pants.. and only poop in the potty! I think I like it that way!
  • two forgetful two forgetful's Avatar 10-05-04 | 05:04 PM
  • WTG Elizabeth it is hard work and not to much fun but hang in there it only gets better!

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