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Thumbs down grrr... hindsight!

Sometimes, I hate the luxury of hindsight.

So today, Sarah and Andrew had their 6 month dental checkup.
no new cavities, thankfully, but we talked for a little bit about the enamel of Sarah's teeth.

I knew that her back molars (both her baby ones and her 6 year old molars that will be there for the rest of her life) had a problem with the enamel. It didn't lay down properly when it was formed and so they're ugly and yellow and look like they're rotten etc.
I knew that from the last Dental appt. (they're a special name for it)

then the whole thing with Sarah and her potty issues. When we were looking at the possibility of her having Celiac, they tested. I checked online on the symptoms of Celiac. One of the symptoms is horrible enamel on the teeth. I cringed at the thought of the test coming out positive.... and here was yet another sign that it might....

When Sarah was 1, she started getting her ear infections. Actually, it was one chronic infection that I think never cleared up despite antibiotics for months on end until the tubes.

Stupid me - here's the hindsight --
I didn't know any better. I trusted the Drs to steer me the right direction. As it happened. I made the wrong decisions...

Sarah is now allergic to Penecillin and several other somewhat related antibiotics (due mostly to the prolonged exposure to the antibiotics for so long).
And - I just found out today, that alot of antibiotics when they're little will ... yep....
cause the enamel on teeth to form incorrectly.

What I SHOULD have done was get the tubes in her ears right away after the first 5 trips to the Dr.
Then, maybe she wouldn't be so allergic to antibiotics. Maybe her teeth wouldn't be ruined for life. Maybe she woldn't have so much scar tissue built up in her ears. Maybe I wouldn't have had penumonia when Andrew was born...
(I had pneumonia because Sarah was chronically sick and she was keeping me sick)

I feel so cheated. Like one little tiny decision that didn't seem so bad at the time has permenant and gigantic ripples forever and ever. Hindsight sucks.
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it does suck when you see how it imacted what IS-- but it doesnt bc you can change what WILL BE.... either for your family or friends..... (never knew antibiotics could cause that!!!!) that's the only silver lining....

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We can only make the best decisions with the information we have in front of us at the time- KWIM? At such a young age all the stuff you've been dealing with wasn't even a thought or possibility- don't beat yourself up over what you couldn't have possibly known.
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I never knew that about the antibiotics. Very interesting and I bet there are tons of others affected that don't know this either. In fact Brent's got a few places on his teeth that the enamal is not stong or whatever they call it. The dentist has told me not to worry because they are just his baby teeth. I wonder if his permanent teeth will be affected too?

Hindsight does suck sometimes but you do the best you can with the information you have at the time.
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Don't beat yourself up over it. Kathleen has enamel hypoplasia and she wasn't on zillions of antibiotics, or anything else. No bottles, nothing I did was incorrect. Sometimes, her dentist said, that you are just born with it. It can be hereditary.

Her front teeth came in that way. I noticed it right away. Over the summer I saw my sister and my niece. And they both had it on their front (permanent) teeth. So it ran in my family and I didn't even know it!
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