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  • *waiting* *waiting*'s Avatar 10-05-07 | 03:37 PM
  • Can I join you? I am Vanessa and my 2001 baby is Adam who is in Kindergarten this year.He is having some difficulties in concentrating on his work and not being able to get it done in a timely matter.He is also being bullied by another student in his class and he says he is scared to tell the teacher so I sent a note to school making her aware of the situation. Does anyone have any ideas to try to make going to school less "scary" for him? He is a very passive child.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 10-05-07 | 03:45 PM

  • join right in!

    I don't have even a slightly passive child so I really don't know how to handle the bully situation, but I'm sure that making the teacher aware that there is a problem is the best first step. I have a feeling if you ask her what she suggests you do to help him is probably a good start too since she's probably had to deal with the same thing year after year by at least one child or another.

    The concentration part
    that either comes with time... alot of encouragement,... or medication
  • Jillian Jillian's Avatar 10-07-07 | 09:30 AM
  • Welcome aboard!!
    My children are not passive either by any means but Julia was getting bullied on the bus by a 2nd grader. We worked on what she could do on the bus to avoid the girl and it would work for 3 days then the girl would be right back where we started. At the point where I wanted to teach Julia how to knock her out .... I decided it was best to contact the principle. When I found out that there are 3 kids to a seat and no assigned seats on the bus the principle put a plan in motion and it has been working good with us. There were a lot of other problems on the bus so she watches those bus tapes daily and is working on a lot of situations on there. Fun fun.
    The best thing to keep going is the line of communication between you and Adam. You have to reassure him that you are there to help him with the what is going on in his life so he feels comfortable to come to you as he grows up. I would've contacted the teacher, too. However the next time Adam tells you it happens I would contact the teacher either in person or by the phone to see what her plan is to prevent it from happening.
    I don't have any ideas on the concentration part though. I'm sure it'll come with time though.
  • HelenWendy HelenWendy's Avatar 10-07-07 | 01:00 PM
  • Hi, welcome to the board.
    I think you have done the right thing firstly by making the teacher aware of the fact that you child is being bullied at school, she should now look out for it and help.
  • Mellie Mellie's Avatar 10-07-07 | 08:11 PM
  • Welcome!

    I think talking to the teacher is the right way to start- make her aware of the issue so she can keep an eye on things in the classroom.

    Concentration comes with age- Jacob is getting better now that he's in 1st grade, but with little boys, I think it just takes time.

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