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I had to speak to Z's teacher today EEK!!

I had to speak to Z's teacher today EEK!!

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  • Feline Feline's Avatar 10-07-05 | 01:56 PM
  • I got a message that they wanted to speak to me - always a scary thought!

    Anyway it turns out that he has a complete crying meltdown when it is time to undress for PE!!!

    Now he has been practicing getting dressed himself in the mornings etc., to get him ready for school but he still isn't completely competant and so does need a little assistance. BUT... it turns out he really doesn't like getting undressed at school! I guess it is a bit alien to him after all he has never had to get dressed anywhere other than home and at Grans so I guess it can be a bit daunting.

    They just wanted me to be aware and that they were trying also sorts of techniques to get him to relax about it but wanted me to maybe speak to him and sooth him about the idea at home.

    I did know he was worried about PE during the first week of term or so,as he would ask me everyday if it was PE day - and I have sent him in twice to school in tears because of the thought of it.

    But over the last week I really thought he had relaxed about PE as he hadn't been asking about PE.

    Hmmmm what to do now - I guess I can just keep the practicing of getting undressed and dressed and trying to reassure him but not sure what else I can do.

    Poor Z
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 10-07-05 | 02:47 PM
  • poor Z!!!

    that can be daunting. Connor would not take his pants down for the Dr. to check out his bits and pieces for his 4 yr. check up! refused-- flat out.

    I think it's the age too.....
  • HelenWendy HelenWendy's Avatar 10-07-05 | 04:10 PM
  • Oh bless him, I can imagine it must be a very scarey though to get undressed at school, is he worried he won't be able to get dressed or is he worried about the others looking at him?

    I don't really know what to suggest, I would just keep telling him, don't worry you will be ok, everyone else is busy themselves getting dressed anyway, and reassure him the teacher can help him if he asks, after all he is the youngest, some kids have a whole yrs experience on him!!

    I hope he chills about it soon.

    Love Helen
  • Clairelouise Clairelouise's Avatar 10-08-05 | 03:09 AM
  • Ahhh bless him! I don't know what to suggest other than the reassurance and practice. I'm sure he will settle down soon, after all, it is all new and strange still.
  • First timer 10-08-05 | 02:33 PM
  • Poor thing! I'm sure it will get better in time.

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