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Lurker looking for advice/input re: homework/teacher issue...

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Old 10-04-07, 12:05 PM
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Question Lurker looking for advice/input re: homework/teacher issue...

Jonathan (7/16/01) is in first grade. So far things have been going well - he has a bit of a problem with fine motor development, so writing is a small issue for him (he's been through OT and he is now within acceptable range).
So we've been getting homework each night - in my opinion more then, or just barely, an acceptable amount. We're spending a good 20-25 minutes per night on various assignments, not counting his mandated reading.
On Tuesday's Jonathan has swimming lessons at the local YMCA from 5-5:30. He had done 2/3's of his homework beforehand and by the time we got home and had dinner we ALL (me, Jonathan, DH, etc.) were beat. I decided that enough was enough and we had some down time and read, bed, etc.
In his homework folder on Wed. morning I included a note that one of the sheets of homework was unfinished because after doing the other homework and then going swimming, we were all tired and not feeling up to it.
Wednesday afternoon I got the following note back:

"Dear Mrs. S,
Thank you fro your note about Jonathan's homework. Homework is a beneficial too to helping Jonathan succeed at school. Homework should be completed before extra curricular activities. If an emergency situation arises and homework can not be completed then Jonathan will be excused. Please have Jonathan complete his homework each night. Thank you for your help.
Miss B."

I would like as many opinions on this as possible. I know how I feel, but want to make sure my reaction is within normal limits. I've spoken with other mom's of kids in his class and several friends - all who seem to echo my own thoughts (some more, some less). Input would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Old 10-04-07, 12:49 PM
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nice to see you stoping by.... as for your issue, I think that is a bit much for a 1st grader, my dd is in 3rd grade and dosn't have that much homework in a week let alone a night, DS 1st grade has 30 mins of homework ONE night a week, he was sick yesterday and even then they didn't send work home for him. I am not sure how you should approch the teacher but If there are other parents feeling the same as you maybe you can all do it together, or maybe ask that she sends home the entire weeks home work home on monday and you can return it on friday, so that if you have things to do you can work his homework around it.
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Old 10-04-07, 12:57 PM
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DH and I are of the opinion that the fun stuff comes AFTER the important school stuff. Homework gets done after school and before playtime. We have discussed this because we have a neighbor that plays outside til dark and then stays up til close to 10 to finish her homework.
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Old 10-04-07, 12:59 PM
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Hi Gail

My DS is in Kindergarten and he has homework 3 to 4 nights a week. At first I was thinking it was way too much however as time has passed it's gotten easier to get it done. He knows that when he gets to afterschool (or home in your case) he immeidately has to do homework, no play will be done until it's finished. That was my parents rule and I've sort of adopted it.

I could see how the note would upset you however you have to keep in mind that they are building these little people into productive , responsible adults and part of that process is to be held accountable for their homework. Brent got in trouble for losing his homework recently , he did it just didn't put it in his folder and then could not find it before he left afterschool. I didn't excuse him at all and neither did the teacher but it was a lesson learned because now he makes sure he puts it up.

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Old 10-04-07, 01:02 PM
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I was just commenting to my coworker how KEv had homework last night (as he lost it from Tuesday) and he forgot to do it. Well I saw it this am as we were waiting for the bus and he quickly did it and accurately too!

We have homework TWO times a week (not including reading) That is all. Usually it is a worksheet that doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes. (depending on what it is. Like the week before, he had to draw themometers, so my little art perfectionist spent TONS of time doing it. )

Reading is not mandatory, however they have team up for reading where they get stickers for reading. It is to make it feel more like fun than a requirement. I do NOT like homework EVERYDAY as it is a bit much for kids!
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