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Default Part of our Thanksgiving trip

Hi laides, we made it back home safe. I'll update more later tonight. here is just a bit of what our Thanksgiving trip to LA.

Posted in the Ruston Daily Leader, 11-26-06

Little feet wear out big bodies
Chuck Cannon

For the first time in recent memory — which, by the way, gets fuzzier and fuzzier the older I get — my wife Susan and I have heard the pitter patter of little feet running throughout our house.

No, we’ve not been invaded by mice or other such critters: our son Justin and his family — including fiancee Terri and 5-year-old daughter Hannah — joined us this year for Thanksgiving, thus the little feet scurrying through our home.

Actually, it was the rather larger feet of Justin that first made their presence felt. Thursday evening, as we finished up our Thanksgiving feast, Justin began chasing Hannah around the dining room table. It was all rather innocent until Hannah made a break for freedom and Justin tried to head her off at the pass — in this case the area between the china cabinet and me.

Alas for the ginger jar we bought during our military tour of duty in Okinawa. This fine piece of craftsmanship had managed to survive being packed by three sets of military packers and three overseas moves without so much as a crack. However, it could not stand up to Justin’s 180 pounds plodding across our hardwood floors. From behind me I heard a crash, then looked at Susan as she bit her bottom lip.
“Sorry, maw,” Justin said as he surveyed the damage.

He then looked at how the jar had broken into two neat pieces and announced, “It’ll be easy to fix. You won’t even be able to tell it’s broken.”
Ah, children.
But back to the little feet. Hannah is a bundle of energy waiting to pour her effervescent personality out on anyone who will receive it. She’s smart, well spoken and, oh yeah, did I mention a bundle of energy?

That has taken some reindoctrination on the part of Susan and me. Thursday night as I sat sprawled on the couch, trying to convince myself that it was just 7 p.m. and there was no way I should be tired, Hannah was turning flips and cartwheels across the living room floor. From there, she moved to flips from the couch, then decided an even better launching pad would be her “grandpa’s” rather abundant belly.
It wasn’t so bad when I could see her coming: I’d tighten my stomach before she jumped and everything would be OK. However, if she launched a sneak attack, it felt as if a bowling ball had been dropped on me.
We continued the gymnastics until I told Hannah the launch pad had been blown up by the bad guys. Amazingly, she bought it. Either that, or the look on my face told her that one more leap might send “grandpa” to the hospital.

Susan sauntered in and plopped down on the couch beside me.
“I’m worn completely out,” Susan lamented. “I’ve got to go to bed.”
We sat there for a couple of minutes, watching Hannah play, and remembering when Justin was just a little fellow and we’d watch him do the same thing. We then helped each other up from the couch, gave Hannah a good night hug and kiss, told Justin and Terri good night, then headed off to bed.

“You know,” Susan said as we exchanged our sweet dreams and I love yous. “I think I understand why some creatures in the animal kingdom eat their young.”
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Wow!! You and Hannah are local celebrities!! What a cute keepsake!
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Sounds like an awesome trip before the ride home!!!
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Wow the is great. What a great scrapbook keepsake.
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That is so nice, for everyone involved, so nice to keep and so lovely written.
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