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The sad chair

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  • HelenWendy HelenWendy's Avatar 12-02-05 | 11:11 AM
  • One of the Mums at the school was talking about the sad chair, Ol had never mentioned this, so I asked him, he sed yes it was for L when he kicks and pushes.
    I asked him if he had been on the sad chair and he sed, ah yeah ages ago!!
    So I asked him why and he sed he tipped glitter all over the book corner floor!!
    Mrs W put him on the sad chair to think about what he had done.

    lol, naughty monkey

    Love Helen
  • Clairelouise Clairelouise's Avatar 12-02-05 | 12:57 PM
  • Oh Oliver! Did you go on the sad chair?

    Zoe says it is the sad char because it makes teacher sad to have to put them there and that S goes on it ALL the time because she is naughty, but Zoe never goes on it because she is NEVER naughty!! (I find that very hard to believe)! Aren't they little tell tales?
  • dhortonh dhortonh's Avatar 12-02-05 | 02:50 PM
  • Natalee K-3 class hasGREEN YELLOW and RED Smiley faces on the board represented how they did that day. As far as I know they dont have a Sad chair or time out chair.

    Oliver in the Sad chair I find it hard to believe that any of OUR angels would be put in it.
  • Clairelouise Clairelouise's Avatar 12-03-05 | 04:11 AM
  • Our lot have smiley stickers and stars too. Luckily they come out with far more stickers than time in the Sad Chair.
  • Feline Feline's Avatar 12-03-05 | 02:22 PM
  • Our teachers get sad with the children but we certainly don't have a sad chair!!