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Should I get my nose pierced? Anyone reply please

Should I get my nose pierced? Anyone reply please

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  • AmiKW AmiKW's Avatar 05-30-06 | 05:10 PM
  • I gotta agree with Karen. Why would you want to do that? I mean, seriously, what is your reason for wanting it? I have never liked how it looks. I'm all for piercings, just not on your face. And like Holly says, it looks like a zit, I have a friend named Holly (not this tbc holly) and hers ALWAYS looks like a big pimple on her nose. I just think it's very unattractive. Even though I think you're a very pretty girl Amy! LOL! Zit ring and all!
  • Leeann Leeann's Avatar 05-30-06 | 05:21 PM
  • ive had mine done since i was 16. I haven't had a stud in it for about over a year. I love it though, i always had tiny diamond studs in it. It looked quite cute. I reccomend doing it, besides, if you don't like it you can always remove it!
  • Leeann Leeann's Avatar 05-30-06 | 05:21 PM
  • Quote de skyqueen

    my response is...

    Now why would you want to do a foul thing like that?!?

    I think it looks terrible too -
    and I also hear that there is a big collection of snot from the inside that just continually acumulates

    I couldn't disagree more!
  • Allison Allison's Avatar 05-30-06 | 05:22 PM
  • Why does anybody do anything when it comes to matters of personal taste? I guess I should have clarified that I wasn't looking for opinions on the aesthetic merit of having a piercing, I was looking for anyone with personal experience to see if they had any advice.

    There are a lot of things that people do to themselves that I don't like how it looks. As my sister says, that's why Covergirl makes orange lipstick. Because someone thinks it looks good.

    I shouldn't have posted this. I'm thinner skinned than I realized.

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