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Should I get my nose pierced? Anyone reply please

Should I get my nose pierced? Anyone reply please

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  • Allison Allison's Avatar 05-30-06 | 08:31 PM
  • Mariahsmommy, I know EXACTLY the kind you are talking about. I've done that before. I was talking to a girl once and she had the tiniest, but sticky-outiest nose ring I've ever seen. I know I stared very rudely at her, but it took me a long time to figure out what was hanging out of her nose! That experience gave me second thoughts for years!
  • MariahsMommy 05-30-06 | 08:34 PM
  • Ok glad to hear you knew what I was talking about. When you do get one, be sure to take pics for us!
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 05-31-06 | 07:11 AM
  • can't believe I missed this one

    Now Allison, I turned 30 in November..... so I know EXACTLY what you are going through.... my crisis was a bit different- we can chat about it

    I never want to live with regrets.....
  • susie susie's Avatar 05-31-06 | 01:45 PM
  • Allison, you won't know if you like it unless you try it

    I've gotten mine pierced twice. It feels like a pinch- nothing more. It will sting for 3 seconds and your eyes will water- that's it!

    If you don't like it, take it out. It will heal and close up quickly!

    Do it!
  • BnBMommy BnBMommy's Avatar 06-01-06 | 11:54 AM
  • I got my nose pierced when I was in grade 8 years ago. I love it, I have never regretted getting it done. I have a small diamond stud in my nose.