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Should I get my nose pierced? Anyone reply please

Should I get my nose pierced? Anyone reply please

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  • Allison Allison's Avatar 06-01-06 | 05:06 PM
  • So here is my question for everyone - will my nose swell up or turn red or anything?
  • susie susie's Avatar 06-01-06 | 05:18 PM
  • Not from the piercing itself.

    Now, if it gets infected, it will get red and a little swollen- just like any other piercing. Just take care of it and don't fiddle with it so it stays healthy!
  • dhortonh dhortonh's Avatar 06-01-06 | 06:50 PM
  • Allison Go for it.
    I have a friend who owns a Tattoo/piercing Salon and I have watched while ppl were getting it done. My eyes watered more and my nose itched more then the person getting it done.
    I personally don't have any piercing or tattoos but if I ever wanted one I would go to the salon and asked some questions.
  • Allison Allison's Avatar 06-01-06 | 11:53 PM
  • I think I'm going to go on Saturday! I can't wait to see what they are going to say about it at church!!!
  • dhortonh dhortonh's Avatar 06-01-06 | 11:58 PM
  • Make sure you post some pictures.