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  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 11-20-08 | 12:47 PM
  • How is Sarah doing? Can you tell yet if the surgery was helpful?
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 11-20-08 | 02:28 PM
  • thanks for asking!

    She's doing very well. She is allowed - prettymuch - to do all her normal physical activities now. (she's 2 1/2 weeks post-surgery now)
    The scar on her back looks pretty fresh still and it's still a little swollen, but she claims it doesn't hurt at all so that's good.

    As for the improvements.
    Not yet. She has pee accidents nearly daily and she wets her goodnite every night still.
    Still, the Dr said that it was a gradual improvement and not like a light switch.
    I do know that there is something different. I can't put my finger on it, but I do know that her control seems to be changing. I think now we just have to finish letting her body wake up and then potty train her like I would any normal 2 year old.
  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 11-20-08 | 08:51 PM
  • I'm glad she isn't in pain. Amazing how quickly kids heal sometimes!

    I hope it helps the potty problems. I never thought about it like you said - you need to re-potty train her but that makes sense.
  • Mellie Mellie's Avatar 11-21-08 | 10:06 AM
  • Glad she's recovering well from the surgery aspect!

    I hope the retraining of her body goes super smooth and quickly!
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 11-21-08 | 01:31 PM
  • Glad she is feeling better, it is amazing how quick they heal. I hope the retraining goes smoothly.