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Thinking about Halloween yet?

Thinking about Halloween yet?

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  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 08-17-05 | 12:06 AM
  • Sarah --- totally unsolicited --- has started talking about Halloween.

    First, she started talking about "remember when we went knocking on everyone's door and they gave us candy?"

    Then it turned into "this year, I want to be a witch. Not a nice witch, but a mean scary witch like Sarah Ravencroft" (there's a witch called Sarah Ravencroft in a Scooby Doo movie we have). She's totally into it.
    I've asked her a million times since she first started bringing it up what she wants to be, and even suggested a few other things... but she's dead set on being a scary witch!

    I think this year we're gonna have alot of fun with the holidays!

    I'm just getting all excited at the prospects of this winter season.
  • Carolyn23g Carolyn23g's Avatar 08-17-05 | 12:18 AM
  • I haven't started thinking about Halloween yet, although I've noticed the catalogues with costumes coming out already. I love Halloween - it is one of my favorite holidays.
  • Mellie Mellie's Avatar 08-17-05 | 09:06 AM
  • No ideas for Jacob yet. I may make (read- have my mom make ) a Raggedy Ann costume for Abby. Jacob will still fit in to the costume that we bought him for last year that he refused to wear. He wanted NOTHING to do with the whole holiday last year, I'm hoping (assuming he gets into school) that the kids will put a little peer-pressure on him to get him excited.
  • two forgetful two forgetful's Avatar 08-17-05 | 09:48 AM
  • Yha that is so funny Sara when she got home told me that she wanted to be Fiona Shreks wife. lol I will deffinately have to sew her a costume this year.
  • NicholeMatthew NicholeMatthew's Avatar 08-17-05 | 12:03 PM
  • Nope, no ideas. He wants to be a Ninja Turtle again. I'm trying to convince him otherwise... $42 on another costume is a bit steap.